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Karl Thomas

A Karl Thomas painting is not difficult to distinguish. The experience is visceral. You feel the movement of the landscape, the shifting light and its changing, ephemeral qualities; you feel the spontaneity and freshness of new terrains, the breathtaking atmosphere of a canyon vista, and the diffuse shimmering light of a copse of quakies. You see the light-values shift, the contrast of movement, and the ever-changing effects of light and color. 

Thomas, who lives in Utah, studied fine art at the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and at the Los Angeles Art Center. He started painting full-time in 1988 after teaching art for eight years at the Waterford School in Salt Lake City. Thomas’ highly acclaimed aesthetic vision is seen in his own western backyard, such as Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, and Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, near his home. As a well-recognized artist, Thomas is represented by galleries throughout the Western United States and in New York City. He has been featured in various magazines and won several top artist awards throughout the years.